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We have something BIG on the way and something small!​

Thats right! 2 new projects ahead of us! That both deserve HUGE announcements! But, since you are, our loyal website visitor, you get to find out first!......

Well, the Fodder system has been announced for awhile, and we have had some unfortunate production delays BUT it is ALMOST finished! Read more below to learn just a few of the HUGE benefits of fodder for your horse! OK and now the BIG thing.. and it actually is BIG... 74' x 200' to be exact! Yup thats right, we are finally becoming SANE and putting up a covered riding arena to get us through the Florida heat! As long as it's smooth sailing we expect it to be installed around the middle of June, just in time for those high temps and the inevitable rain showers! To say we are excited is an understatement! This has been a plan and a dream of ours for years, and it's finally coming into existence! Contact use to find out our boarding rates and beat the heat this summer and ride with us!

Fodder info

A NEW way to feed thats actually pretty close to the original way to feed! Feeding sprouted grains aka living food has some AMAZING benefits... and we aren't the only ones feeding it! Race horses have had great success on it, competition horses, horses struggling with allergies, or low immune system. Fodder is the solution to improve your horses over all life experience! Check out just SOME oft the great benefits of fodder! Since fodder is ALIVE there are Increases in Essential Fatty Acids,  Vitamin content, Chelation of Minerals, and Digestibility... Bringing horses back to their original diet. The benefit of Sprouted grains, commonly known as fodder are: Better performance in sport horses, Improved coat and general appearance, Less incidence of colic and gut ulcers (No known cases of colic on fodder), Lower vet costs, Gentler, calmer animals, Faster recovery after exertion and higher reproductive rates and it can even reduced your vet bills!! OK, now this is just touching some of the benefits, but believe me, there are so many more! And we can hardly wait to get our system up and running that would feed up to 40 horses! 

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We offer Full, Dry and Pasture board on 80 private acres. Our full care plans offer non GMO feeds, whole grain based feeds, and pelleted feed along with excellent care

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