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A NEW way to feed! Feeding sprouted grains aka living food, Increases the grain in Essential Fatty Acids, Increases Vitamin content, Chelation of Minerals, and Digestibility... Bringing horses back to their original diet. The benefit of Sprouted grains, commonly known as fodder are: Better performance in sport horses, Improved coat and general appearance, Less incidence of colic and gut ulcers, Lower vet costs, Gentler, calmer animals, Faster recovery after exertion and higher reproductive rates! 

We can help you find your next equine partner, whether that be over seas, here in the United States or right here at Paradigm Dressage

We offer Full, Dry and Pasture board. Our full care plans offer non GMO feeds, whole grain based feeds, and pelleted feed along with excellent care

We offer Classically infused Dressage with training that comes naturally by building connection & trust with the horse prepping him for a successful future


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