Style, sophistication, and quality all while not breaking the bank! Pioneer makes beautiful boots while still being affordable. check out all their options here

One of the challenges of riding in Florida, especially in the summers is avoiding the dreaded farmers tan. Before we found Kastel products, long sleeve shirts weren't an option in the summer time, Now with Kastel Denmark, we are able to protect our skin from the sun, stay cool and avoid funky tan lines. Kastel is so comfortable, cool and classy, it's now our go to brand for equestrian apparel. 

Comfort, protection and quality is very important to us in a helmet, and that is exactly what UVEX offers! It is by far my favorite helmet and for a great price while still looking very classy. They offer other equestrian products too and cater to many different sports. Check out 1 of my helmets here 


We can not say enough good things about VetCur products. We have used just about everyone of their products and have always had amazing results. Here in Florida anhidrosis can be pretty common in horses, Pro-Hydra makes sweating possible, another common issue performance horses deal with is ulcers, Di-Vet is are go to solution when it comes to gut health and has healed several of our horses from ulcers. We believe Vetcur is a big part of what saved 1 of our foals from dying in 2016. Aside from great products with great results, the founder, Rebekka Gadeberg of Vetcur is amazing and has a huge heart for animals being an equestrian herself. This company goes above and beyond to provide products that heal the underlying issue, not just mask it. So if your horse, dog or cat is having health problems, check out VetCur for the cure!


Leif has ridden in many different brands of saddles and even had the opportunity to be sponsored by 3 other brands, but the Wolfgang Omni saddle byCustom Saddlerywon him over, it fits like a glove while allowing you to sit bio-mechanically correct! Aside from function and fit, they are beautiful saddles and can be completely custom made! 

As they say, It takes a village! We at Paradigm Dressage are so grateful for our sponsors and we encourage you to check them out! We have always seeked out sponsorships by companies that we whole heartily believe in and we proudly stand by all of our sponsors and are very pleased with their products!