Training highlights:

Leif Aho, head trainer of Paradigm Dressage is a USDF, Gold, Silver & Bronze medalist. He earned his medals on self trained horses, that include his now retired Friesian gelding, Taeke V (Take-uh Vee), that he not only trained to the Grand Prix, but had to "erase" and retrain his foundation, which as you may know, is much harder than starting with a blank slate. Leif brought Taeke V from schooling some of the 3rd level in 2010, full of tension and explosive power, to the Grand Prix in 2012, qualifying and competing in the Brentina cup in 2012, Where Taeke made his debut in the U25 Grand Prix. Some of Leif and Taekes highlights:  Achieving a 72.25% at 4th level test 3 under judge Lilo Fore in Wellington, 4th Level Open Champion at USDF Region 3 Championships in 2011, Receiving high score of the year for FEI TOC at the Global Dressage Festival in Intermidiare-1 scoring a 70.132%,  earning a qualifying score of 66.538% for the Brentina cup, and a 63.615 in Taeke's first ever U25 Grand Prix test at the Brentina Cup Championship in Gladstone, NJ. Taeke was unlike any Friesian we have known, he was (and still is) extremely hot & sensitive, completely opposite of what the Friesian breed is known for. He came with many challenges and Leif wasn't sure if he would ever get quiet, non exploding flying changes, let alone 15 one time tempi's, but with patience, kindness and figuring out what Taeke needed, in just over 2 years he went from a exploding single change to 15 one time tempi's being one of his better movements. Leif matches very well with hot horses and handles them with care and sensibility, his calm and cool demeanor help bring middle ground in training allowing for strength in relationship and reaching training goals.

Leif's current horse, Donatucci is a July 2008 Oldenburg gelding sired by Donatelli out of a Contucci mare. Tucci, (Too-Chee) as he is known around the barn is quite the opposite of Taeke, he is quiet, even tempered and needs help getting spiced up. Although naturally talented with exceptional conformation, Tucci doesn't have as much "want to" as Taeke did, so he has worked a lot on building his relationship with him. Leif has owned Tucci since he was 2yrs old and has taken his time training him without injury or being over stressed, as he has long term goals of the 2020 Olympics with Donatucci. Tucci is currently schooling the Prix St. Georges and some of the Grand Prix, offering very nice piaffe and passage and proving that he has the ability for the international ring. Some of Donatucci's highlights: Training Level-3 74.4%, First Level test 3 74.853%, Second Level test 3 71.829%, Third Level test-3 70.897%, 4th level 69%, PSG 71.324%

Classy Sinclair aka Scamp, a 10 yr old Oldenburg stallion, owned by Lisa Grossi of Thunderball Ranch. Scamp is schooling the Grand Prix and recently scored a 72.974% with Leif in the PSG and has also scored a 75% in the I-1  click here for a video.

Leif's up an coming horse, Skovbakkegårds Ripasso, a 7yr old Danish Warmblood gelding, co-owned with Brandon & Melinda Niemela.

Ripasso is schooling 3rd level and aiming towards FEI this summer

Leif & Taeke V

Bravour Van De Noeste Hoeve, a coming 9 yr old Friesian gelding, owned by Erin Miley. Successfully competed in training, 1st & 2nd level with scores in the 70's and high 60's. schooling 3rd level. Bravour was sold!

Leif & Donatucci

Donatucci, 9 yr old Oldenburg gelding, owned by Leif & Marissa Aho. "Tucci" is has shown 4th level and PSG. and is schooling the Grand Prix. 

Grande Janina, a 6 yr old Hanoverian mare, owned by Sky Horses International and trained by Leif. Successfully competed in training, 1st, & 2nd level with scores in the 70's and preparing for 3rd level.

Paradigm's head trainer, Leif Aho, offers training for the Green horse to the Grand Prix horse as well as the the beginner to professional rider. 

Leif offers lessons on our schoolmasters or your horse at our farm or yours. 

Leif is a USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze medalist earned on self trained horses. Leif is coached by Olympian Heather Blitz as well as world renown bio-mechanics expert, Mary Wanless. 

Click Here for a video of Leif riding the stallion Classy Sinclair in the PSG

Leif is also available for clinics.

Please contact us for more information!

Dressage Training

D'Esprit Joli aka Peach, a 8 yr old Hanoverian mare, owned by Lisa Grossi of Thunderball Ranch. Peach   successfully shown developing PSG with Leif. click here for video